What is the turnover time for services?
The turnover time for NYC parking tickets is 3-5 business days after payment is received.

New York City Parking Ticket Pricing?
NYC Parking ticket pricing is 50% of the CURRENT price of the ticket on the NYC Serv Website. The 50% payment is subject to refund contingent on the hearing outcome (guilty vs. non-guilty).

Can the Little Letter Shoppe help once my car gets a boot?
Once a vehicle receives a boot that means the vehicle (or vehicles registered to the same owner) cumulatively, have $350 (or more) in NYC Parking tickets IN JUDGEMENT, we only dispute tickets not in judgement, therefore at this point LLS cannot help.
           So because I have over $350 in parking tickets they can boot and tow my car?
           The answer is NO, there has to be an excess of tickets in judgement exceeding $350. You can have more than               $350 of parking tickets with no fear of your vehicle being towed if those.
           How do my tickets go into “judgement” status?
           A ticket goes into judgement status after not being paid or disputed for 110 days after the ticket was issued.
           What about my tickets not in “judgement” status?
           Little Letter Shoppe can dispute those once the boot removal fee is paid to the booting company and the                       vehicle enters a status where summons can be disputed again online.
What happens if the Little Letter Shoppe is found guilty?
If we are found guilty, the customer has two options. 
           Option one: an appeal submission to the NYC Department of Finance. An appeal often takes up to one month                 and the registered owner will be notified via physical mail
           Option two: a full refund for the ticket(s) that were found "guilty."

Is there a limit to the number of tickets Little Letter Shoppe can dispute on my behalf?
No, there is no limit. A plan will be sent to the email provided after filling out the NYC Parking Ticket disputes form.

I or a 3rd party disputed tickets on my vehicle and lost, can the tickets Little Letter Shoppe still dispute them on my behalf?
The Little Letter Shoppe may be able to submit an appeal on your behalf, contingent on the previous evidence submitted in the original hearing and other factors to be determined upon review. To have the Little Letter Shoppe Dispute tickets previously disputed by yourself or another 3rd party, a non-refundable fee of $10 is due in addition to 50% of the CURRENT ticket price.

I'm ready to get started, so what's next?
Provide us with your contact and vehicle information by filling out the NYC Parking Ticket disputes form found HERE. You will receive an email with 24 hours (M-F) with an assessment, plan and required payment to proceed for your vehicle.

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